The sweetest reason to not crochet…

My yarn and hooks have sat untouched for weeks. My many projects have been abandoned and my blog planner has been left shut. All for a very sweet, incredible and amazing reason…

Our second child arrived on April 1st. Cole did not go easy on his mother. Preparing me for a life with a boy I suppose. Thankfully, after an ordeal of a labour both of us are doing very well.

Now, we are busy trying to adjust to a life with two. I have quickly learned that two is not twice as hard, two is ten times as hard. And, for now, I have lost any and all “me” time. So crocheting, blogging, socializing, and most days, showering have all been put on the back burner.


So yes, for now I have to sacrifice all of myself for these two small humans. And it’s hard. It’s hard to feel a complete disconnect from your own passions. But, this stage shall pass, all too quickly I’m sure, and then I’ll be back to crocheting up a storm.

Until then, know that I haven’t abandoned my blog! I’m working on a few projects as we speak, doing one row at a time between nursing sessions. I will return soon enough with some great new patterns for you to try out!

Thanks for being patient with me!


2 thoughts on “The sweetest reason to not crochet…

  1. Congratulations Jess he is gorgeous! Happy to hear all is going well … just busy!!

    Mr & mrs Gino plastino

  2. The best reason to put your crocheting aside! God bless you all! Enjoy your children! They’ll be grown before you know it!

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