Crochet Face Scrubbies

I love when crochet projects are not only adorable, but also extremely functional.  These crochet face scrubbies are definitely both of those things.

Reusable products are very popular right now, for both their cost savings and their low environmental impact.  So instead of buying a pack of cosmetic pads that you use once and toss, whip up a few of these cute little scrubbies for your toner or astringent application.

The original pattern for the scrubbies I made up are from Craftaholics Anonymous.  I chose to follow this pattern over the thousands of others because it is a much prettier finished product.  Like I said, adorable and functional! 

I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton in a variety of colours.  I stuck with mostly pastel colours, and paired those with white to make up little packs of 6.

Click the link above to see the original pattern, or click here to order a pack of 6 crochet face scrubbies for yourself or for a friend.

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