DIY Butterfly Mobile

Back a couple years ago now, we were decorating our first nursery ever. I was very sure that I didn’t want a pink nursery, but that I still wanted feminine touches for our sweet girl.  We received a beautiful woodland inspired quilt from my husband’s aunt, and I was sold on the colour scheme.  It was peaches, nudes, forest greens, navys, browns, etc.  

Now, imagine the sheer frustration of trying to find a mobile to match such an unconventional colour scheme.  All of the mobiles out there were bright pinks and purples, adorned with disney characters and bright flashing lights and sounds.  If this is your style, go for it, but it just wasn’t me.  I am a pretty firm believer in simplicity in the nursery.  Less distraction, more sleep.


So I set out to design my own mobile.  I came across this sweet little butterfly pattern from Little Birdie Secrets.  It is super fast, and you can make varying sizes if you so choose.  I whipped up 16 of these cute little butterflies, using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Sage Green, Tangerine, Classic Navy and Warm Brown.  I made sure to change up the antenna colour and butterfly colour so all the butterflies looked very random.


I went out on a trail walk in search of the perfect twig.  I wanted it to look very untouched and I wanted it to have several little branches to hang the butterflies from.  After bringing home about 10 twigs, I found the perfect one! Finally, to finish, I used fishing line to attach the butterflies.  I tied the line to the butterflies right through the centre of the butterfly and onto the antennas.  I made varying lengths of butterflies to create the 3-dimensional look of the butterflies flying above the crib.  The longest length was 5 butterflies, and the shortest was 1. Again, varying lengths to make it look very natural and random.

To hang above the crib, we used a screw-in ceiling hook, fed the fishing line through the hook and attached it to two points on the twig. Make sure you attach it so that the twig is nice and balanced, and also ensure it is high enough that the butterflies will not pose a strangulation hazard.

I have been so happy with my mobile, and I receive regular compliments on it.  Brinley loves it too.  She now makes sure to say goodnight to the butterflies above her head every night before she falls asleep.


Now, time to design a manly little mobile for my sweet baby boy.  Stay tuned for what I come up with!

Happy crafting!

~ Jess

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